Sean Sullivan

Co-Host of Converge Coffee

Currently helping companies with their demand generation and revenue operations specfically in go to market (GTM) and data strategy for their whole revenue engine. I love bridging the gaps between human behavior and sustainable revenue structures. My expertise is using podcasting to build aligned enablement across the whole company and educate on customer experience (CX). My ultimate goal is to pair great CX with RevOps.

My passion here is sharing guests' stories to help listeners with their marketing and customer experience problems. And plus having a bit of coffee doesn't hurt anyone.

Before Converge Coffee, I did growth marketing and revops for various agencies and tech companies ranging from B2BC strategies and technical implementations.

Involved in from a...

Mindset focus - Dreamfuel
Career focus - Pavilion & Grow Blocks
Community focus - Lilly Scholars Network and Indiana Donor Network

Been a Podcast Guest on:

Next Pivot Point - The Personal Side of Being An Ally
Podscribe - Converge Coffee Using Podscribe
SquadCast - Myth Busting: How to Start a Podcast
Uncensored Advice For Men - Gaining CTRL with Sean Sullivan

I see adding value into each of my focuses - either time or resources - rather than making another social media account to connect. People buy from people who deliver great customer experiences all around how our mindset helps to truly connect.

I'm looking for fractional roles in growth marketing and revenue operations particularly focused on...

Along the way, I've interviewed excellent guests talking about their experiences. And I'm always on the look out for great guests.

Reach out and lets chat about your story.

Sean Sullivan has hosted 146 Episodes.