Converge Coffee

Episode 120: How Being a Better Guest Creates a Better Podcast Experience

October 21st, 2022

In this episode, Sean sits down with Erik Deckers, president of Pro Blog Service, a content marketing agency with clients around the world. Spoiler Alert: He is now the co-host of Converge Coffee! They dive into why Erik wanted to start a podcast but chose to co-host at Converge Coffee. They go deeper into his experiences and how he uses his writing background not only to be a great host but also insights on being a great podcast guest. Erik gives some great insights how to be a great podcast guest stemming back to his writing experience. He even gives more insight and a few wonderful examples from his own personal experiences and talks about his passions beyond writing and podcasting. Hint. Hint. He loves words and writing humor columns and screenplays along with spending time with his family.

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