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Learn from Experts Like They Were Right Across a Coffee Table

About the show

Converge Coffee connects you with business experts who have succeeded by constantly pivoting and staying motivated from lessons they learned. You get each speaker's actionable insights and feel their passion like you were sitting right across the coffee table.

This podcast is about building a strong customer experience (CX) community. Each episode will be packed with information at your fingertips. Think of this podcast as talking to the speaker right across the table and walk away with content to actually use. No more list posts because most people struggle with implementation. This is about proving CX through small, simple actionable ideas that make huge impacts.

We dive deeper in the 4 marketing success cores to achieve and prove customer experience: Messaging, Design, Tech, and Experience. These 4 essentials don't only apply to marketing. Guests have marketing, sales, customer service, recruiting, and product development backgrounds. Today, each business operation grows either through customers or employees converging back to those 4 success cores.


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    Episode 44: The Growth of Podcasting

    October 10th, 2019  |  Season 3  |  22 mins 51 secs
    begin podcasting now, growth now movement, justin schenck, podcast marketing, podcasting

    In this episode, I sit down with Justin Schenck, Founder of Growth Now Movement and Begin Podcasting Now. We dive into why he started his podcast businesses. We go deeper into podcast marketing essentials a lot of companies miss. Justin gives his insight on where podcast is going.

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    Episode 43: Digital Advertising Solutions and Expectations: Insights from the Sales Side of the Table

    October 9th, 2019  |  Season 3  |  19 mins 56 secs
    digital advertising, doug mankiewicz, marketing technology, martech, orange142

    In this episode, I sit down with Doug Mankiewicz, VP of Business Development at Orange142. We dive into how his team sells digital advertising solutions to national and international clients. We go deeper into messaging and customer service are the foundation of their sales strategy. Doug also mentions what are the capabilities with digital advertising and gives insight of what Orange142 is doing for their clients.

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    Episode 42: Messaging in a Wild West Industry

    October 8th, 2019  |  Season 3  |  27 mins 28 secs
    clearobject, iot marketing, john mcdonald, marketing messaging

    In this episode, I sit down with John McDonald, CEO of ClearObject. We dive into how his team markets internet of things (IoT). We go deeper into how to ClearObject has partnered with educational institutions to build clear evidence of how IoT helps companies and institutions.

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    Episode 41: Creating Mad Marketing with Customer Experience

    October 7th, 2019  |  Season 3  |  27 mins 43 secs
    anthony duncan, customer experience, mohammed m. mahdi, the mad optimist

    In this episode, I sit down with Mohammed M. Mahdi and Anthony Duncan, co-founders of The Mad Optimist. We dive into why they started the company. We go deeper into how to the company's messaging and pivot more to the customer service and employee focus of their company.

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    Episode 40: Agile Marketing Framework

    October 6th, 2019  |  Season 3  |  25 mins 9 secs
    agile marketing, anthony coppedge, customer experience

    In this episode, I sit down with Anthony Coppedge, Agile Marketing Consultant. We dive into Anthony's methodology, "MOGSA" - Mission, Objectives, Goals, Strategies, and Actions. We go deeper into how to build an agile framework for marketing. We end chatting about actual and actionable experiences others can take from Anthony's advice.

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    Episode 39: Message Testing with Micro Experiments and Simplicity

    October 5th, 2019  |  Season 3  |  22 mins 14 secs
    jumblethink, marketing messaging, michael woodward, test marketing messaging

    In this episode, I sit down with Michael Woodward, CEO and Founder of jumbleThink. We dive into Michael's passion to help others and why he started jumbleThink. We chat about creating Micro Experiments to test messaging and audiences. Michael offers great insight on why and how keeping messaging simple to quickly test its effectiveness.

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    Episode 38: Performance Based Marketing

    October 4th, 2019  |  Season 3  |  18 mins 57 secs
    customer experience, marcia barnes, performance based marketing, performance marketing, valve and meter

    In this episode, I sit down with Marcia Barnes, CEO and Founder of Valve+Meter. We dive into Marcia's extensive marketing background and why she chose to start a marketing agency. We dive in what performance based marketing is and what marketing should be for companies. Marcia offers great insight, humility, and humor in this episode.

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    Episode 37: Building out Partnerships to Serve Locals

    October 3rd, 2019  |  Season 3  |  21 mins 43 secs
    customer service, customer success, kristin van busum, local marketing, marketing messaging, project alianza

    In this episode, I sit down with Kristin Van Busum, Founder of Project Alianza. Kristin has an interesting background working for RAND Corporation, a global policy think tank that provides objective research to policymakers. She attended New York University, Butler University, and was a Fullbright Scholar and recipient of a Fulbright Alumni Innovation Grant for Global Education. We dive into how Kristin started Project Alianza and the unique marketing approach the company has. We dive deeper into understanding who we are marketing to and importance knowing what people need.

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    Episode 36: Break the Wheel: Focus on Making the Best Marketing Decision for Your Customers

    October 2nd, 2019  |  Season 3  |  30 mins 29 secs
    customer experience, jay acunzo, marketing best practices, marketing messaging, marketing showrunners

    In this episode, I sit down with Jay Acunzo, Founder of Marketing Showrunners and Unthinkable Media. Jay has an excellent career spanning from Google to HubSpot to NextView. We dive into how he saw patterns that weren't for him in marketing. So he decided to write a book and start a company focusing on making the best decision for you, regardless of best practice.

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    Episode 35: How to Learn from Marketing Failures and Grow the Company

    October 1st, 2019  |  Season 3  |  18 mins 34 secs
    customer experience, kyle lacy, lessonly, marketing messaging, marketing tech

    In this episode, I sit down with Kyle Lacy, CMO at Lessonly. We dive into how the Lessonly Marketing Team decided what digital metrics were essential for growth. We chatted about the launch of Lessonly's website redesign and the strategy behind the project. And we talk about growing from our marketing failures to be stronger than ever.