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Episode 77: How Digital Transformation Helps See Clear in Blurry Times

December 4th, 2020

In this episode, Sean sits down with Douglas Karr, founder of Martech Zone and VP/Partner at HighBridge. They dive into why Doug goes by Douglas and not Doug on his online and social accounts. Fun Fact: It's all about SEO! They talk about how has business changed for his companies and clients. Douglas talks about what digital transformation is and how his company has been focusing on business problems with specific marketing needs. They go deeper how the business landscape has changed drastically since COVID. And they talk about why this happening showed where we needed to accelerate based on on previous data on what customers actually wanted. Douglas also gives some great insight on the Salesforce marketplace landscape, how to rejigger projects to optimize for growth, and a little about him and why he loves what he does, about his hobbies, and why health has been so important to him.

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