Converge Coffee

Episode 130: How Living through the Remote Work Experience Creates Better Journeys to Coach Clients

March 17th, 2023

In this episode, Sean sits down with Tim Hickle, a management coach who helps remote and hybrid teams move faster, get more done, and feel less busy. They dive into why Tim started Your Remote Work Coach. They go deeper into his experiences with remote work and why he is focused on directors and managers. Tim gives some great insights how he used his own experiences to facilitate better communication and tools to help. He even gives more insight how he uses his eNewsletter, Parasocial Worker, and feedback to create better experiences. Tim loves serving people. His tone gives off a helpful and very knowledgeable on remote work pain points. Tim gets deep on how he loves a work challenges. He opens up about his own work burnout and what he is doing today to recharge.
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