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Episode 123: How Great Customer Experience Starts with Your Mindset

February 24th, 2023

In this episode, Sean sits down with Dr. Vic Manzo, founder of Empower Your Reality. He is a business mindset coach, certified, pediatric chiropractor, 3 time author, podcaster, and speaker. They dive into why Dr. Vic became a business mindset coach. They go deeper into his own mindset and business experiences and how power over force is the way to go. Dr. Vic gives some great insights how his mindset routines have helped him became successful. He even gives more insight how mindset practice works and relating that to science. Dr. Vic loves helping others. His tone gives off a helpful, yet very astute knowledge about mindset. Dr. Vic gets deep on how he disconnects from work and how he fully recharges in his hobbies, health, and connecting others. He also shares some wonderful analogies about how mindset works.
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