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Episode 115: How Rooting Your Team in the Company Values Creates Better Experiences

November 12th, 2021

In this episode, Sean sits down with Carly Pallis, VP of Marketing at Pavilion. They dive into how Carly joined Pavilion from becoming a member to running Pavilion's marketing. They go deeper into her experience how leadership found the core values and how her team was able to market. Carly explains how the whole Pavilion team meets every Friday to share members' stories on where they aligned their core values. Carly shares insights on how her team focuses on two of the company's core values: listen closely and act quickly and asking constant feedback from members. Carly's laid back yet and passionate tone shows how much she loves helping her team, the whole team, and Pavilion's members get the most out of being a member. She even gives some insight on her own growth and how to developing a great bed side manner excelled her career.

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