Tristan Wright

Special guest

Tristan Wright is a business sherpa based in Melbourne with a background in leadership coaching and applied business. He's built Evolve to Grow.

Unlike many coaches and consultants, however, he's actually built a business – from an ad-hoc startup in my 3 square-meter kitchen to a 7-figure operation with staff and suppliers around the globe.

In doing so, he's acquired first-hand experience in everything from product design and procurement, to team management, financial reporting, vendor negotiations, and social-media marketing.

He's survived the personal aspects of entrepreneurship as well. I’ve let the allure of success (and fear of failure) consume every waking minute, and learned the hard lessons seldom taught by anyone.

All of which to say: he can offer you more than just buzzwords and vague advice. He'll show you how to grow your business while reducing your workload, and keep you focused and accountable along the way.

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