Rich Keller

Special guest

With an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and 25 years of branding experience at powerhouse companies such as Nabisco, Kraft Foods and Godiva, Rich Keller now applies his marketing expertise to personal branding. With CATALYST, as his ‘One Word’ personal brand, Rich Keller is on a mission to transform one million lives, ‘One Word’ at a time. Rich left the corporate world, where he crafted identities for iconic brands like Godiva and Platers to dedicate his time working with entrepreneurs. He helps them understand that their personal brand’s core value and their business venture’s core value are one-and-the-same. Why? Because people buy human connection, making the entrepreneur the brand (Think Howard Schultz with Starbucks, Steve Jobs with Apple and Sara Blakely with Spanx). Rich travels the country (and virtual world) as a motivational speaker showing entrepreneurs how crafting their personal brands and their business ventures around their core value, using just ‘One Word’, is the pathway to Stand- out Conquer Obstacles Reach Excellence and SCORE!

Take a listen to his podcast, The CATALYST Effect.

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