Nemanja Zivkovic

Special guest

Nemanja Zivkovic is the CEO, Co-Founder, and strategist at Funky Marketing, agency focused on helping business owners lead, grow, and scale. He was the former Director of Operations at Default Design, focused on helping people with conversions, marketing automation and website personalization.

He is a business developer and marketing professional with deep advance experience in delivering successful marketing strategies, achieving targets, building high-performance teams, and leading data-driven execution and delivery.

He's doing what he does the way he does so people can have great personal growth, careers, and financial rewards.

He worked with organizations and individuals from different industries, from entrepreneurs, startups, mature companies to agencies.

Companies such as Zepter, Curaprox, BrainOBrain, Ringier Axel Springer, SAOP, CRS Automotive, Jatheon, Iuvo Omega Limited, The Auto Station, Omnes Group are some of those with whom he worked with.

He organized events with more than 200 visitors from 18 countries, managed teams of more than 30 people and campaigns gathering 10000+ leads. All his long-term clients were at the #1 spot in Google Search and Google Maps.

Nemanja is also a founder of the IT community and co-working space in Pirot, his hometown. His background is in activism, youth work, and community building.

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