Mary Shores

Special guest

Mary Shores' roller coaster life began with being abandoned at a young age and tragically losing her first child. But Mary was able to overcome life’s hurdles and turn tragedy to triumph by building an 8 figure business empire at age 24.

Mary is not a life coach; she’s a businesswoman who discovered a road map of how to get in control of your life. She truly walks her talk by generating pragmatic solutions for people who are freaking out.

Midstate Collections is committed to delivering the best customer service experience possible to ensure we provide the most respectable and efficient collection services. Midstate was founded over 20 years ago by Mary Shores and since then has received national accreditation and regard as the most unique collection agency on the planet. Mary’s tried and true communication strategies have not only ensured her success in collections, they have built a lasting positive reputation for both her clients and customers.

Mary Shores has been a guest on 1 episode.