Josh Mitchell

Special guest

Josh Mitchell started his first company ThirdWeb while in high school, opening an office with a team of 6 in Bluffton, IN. As they continued to grow, one of their larger clients, 3GUpload invited them to move closer to them in Indianapolis. Over the years Josh has worked with Sony, Universal, New Line Cinema, Pizza Hut, Compendium, Cummins, and Subaru, to name a few. This experience led him to start a new company that focused on understanding human behavior and conversion.

Then he met Joel Smith and thought the design discipline of both user experience (UX design) and conversion optimization design together would create more value for customers. Then together they form Design On Tap. Now he heads up everything business development and customer success.

In the last year, he has explored another passion for tea and is creating fun, innovative flavors at [](

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