Joe Dudeck

Special guest

Joe Dudeck’s career began in the 1990s, when he took his crisp, new bachelor’s degree to Chicago and landed an entry-level role at a public relations firm in 1998. After a few years, he left agency life and worked as an in-house communications specialist at two international firms over the next five years. But the wining and dining of PR life eventually lost its charm, and Joe moved back to his home state of Indiana, shifting his communications gears into marketing at a global software company. Joe spent five years there — surviving an economic recession, companywide rebranding, and multiple mergers and acquisitions — before jumping to a new ship that proved to be even less stable than the last. But all of this eventually led him to start Keyhole Marketing in 2012, with a vision of helping business owners unlock the door to their success. Last year, Joe, his wife, Lindsay, and their son, Quinn, finally realized their dream of living in Colorado, and now he and his Keyhole team tell big stories for small businesses in and around Colorado Springs, through branding, writing, search engine optimization, photography, and social media services.

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