Jennifer Denney

Special guest

As the Founder & CEO of Elevated Marketing Solutions, Jennifer began in the digital marketing industry over ten years ago. After getting her start at a large corporation in management of digital sales representatives she grew her thirst for knowledge and data-driven online marketing. She helped lead the state of Indiana in helping many small to medium business owners understand what they needed to know to navigate moving their business online.

After eight years with the corporation, she realized that her priority—to be truthful and honest with each and every client—and it was not in line with the corporations. She has come to the realization that cookie cutter digital marketing...... just simply does not work. It might get some returns but at some point, it needs to be customized to where you are with your business online. Her integrity pushed her to move on to the agency world, where she started getting down to the nitty-gritty details of digital marketing. Working at an agency allowed her to get extremely in depth with each individual client and business, analyzing data and needs more specifically, and in turn, seeing better results for her clients.

Two years later, She started Elevated Marketing Solutions. She has sat on the Board of Directors for B2B Marketers of Indiana, and Indianapolis chapter of the American Marketing Association. She currently holds several classes a year in which she teaches Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, and SEO.

Having the experience with what the large digital marketing companies and the agencies are trying to sell you.... she'll will tell you the truth of what you need even if working with us is not what you need.

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