Jen Marr

Special guest

Jen Marr is the founder and CEO of Inspiring Comfort and Author of the book Paws to Comfort. To her, strangers are just friends that she hasn’t met yet. This natural gift has led Jen to a vocation of crisis response, healing and comfort which has impacted the lives of thousands of people across the United States.

She is passionate about furthering the science of human care through pioneering comfort as a teachable skill and has worked with researchers and thought leaders across the country to fine tune this critical human care behavior. Notable workplaces, schools and mental health organizations that advocate her Comfort Skill Programming include Georgetown University, Northeastern University, Holy Cross University, The Mental Health Association of New York State, the New York Office of Mental Health and the American Association of Suicide Prevention.

Prior to her field work in crisis response and comfort, Jen was a seasoned global business development executive in the healthcare industry.

She is a frequent speaker on how comfort can be taught as a skill, why our world has lost the art of connectedness and the importance of comfort in suicide prevention and overall mental health. She is a trained Stephen Minister, a member of the Capital Speakers Club of Washington DC and lives in Great Falls VA with her husband, 3 daughters and Golden Retriever Cali.

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