Eva Jackson

Special guest

Eva Jackson is the demand generation marketing manager at PFL. Eva is the former the director of marketing operations at Emplify, an Indianapolis-based tech company that provides employee engagement insights to business leaders. As the self-proclaimed “least creative person on the marketing team,” Eva is responsible for annual and quarterly financial and project planning, team reporting, and running the team’s weekly Scrum meetings and daily standups. She is the founder of Agile Marketing Indy, an area networking meetup that encourages conversation around how to integrate Agile into the marketing workflow. Also, Eva co-owns a live screen printing business, The Wandering Press, with her husband, Jeffrey. When she’s not at Emplify or working one of her side hustles, you can find Eva at home with her two pets (Beans the dog and Vinny the cat) or playing bar trivia with friends.

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