Eric Vardon

Special guest

Eric Vardon is an AI Tech Entrepreneur, C-Suite Executive and Advisor with more than 20 years of success in the marketing, advertising, cannabis, health and wellness, fitness, luxury, fashion, beauty, technology, and digital industries. Leveraging extensive experience in business development and start-ups, Eric’s broad areas of expertise include brand development, digital strategy, communications, entrepreneurship, leadership, and growth. Currently, CEO @ Morphio.

I could tell the story of starting at $0 rev in each other's basements to $15Mil and a 40,000 sqft building, three offices across the country, and a global clientele...all in 6 years. How we then moderated our growth for-profit vs scale, introduced a new CEO, COO, as I stepped down as the CEO. The main factor was to start and lead my AI product that we have just secured $1M in Seed funding to grow.

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