Dawn Lively

Special guest

Dawn Lively’s background is in human resources and the PEO industry. She has twenty years’ HR experience, starting with her Bachelor’s degree in HR from Ball State and her MBA from Indiana Wesleyan. She started working in the PEO industry in 2003 and stayed in it through a variety of roles with increasing operational responsibility. By 2012 she was Co-Director at a PEO overseeing all operational functions and over 20 direct and indirect reports. After a brief stint at a large corporate law firm, she was called to serve at DeveloperTown, who had been one of her favorite clients from her former PEO days. Her second week on the job at DeveloperTown, partner Michael Cloran asked her, “So, when are we going to start our own PEO here?”. After taking the time to lay the groundwork, FullStack officially launched in January 2018.

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