Daniel Herndon

Special guest

Daniel is CEO, and Principal at brand and marketing agency MilesHerndon and co-founder of Gavel Curated Cafe in the Fountain Square, a cultural district in Indianapolis. Following a diverse background including trading metals, commercial insurance sales, and playing in a touring rock band, he started his agency at the beginning of the recession in 2008 and continues today consulting clients nationally on brand strategy, strategic communications and marketing. His most recent endeavor is the Coffee, Cocktail and Grilled Cheese bar which he and his wife started in 2019, an expression of their passions for the food and beverage experience and for local culture.

Before starting his agency, he launched a fledgling record label, and later through a natural progression, began pursuing brands for endorsement opportunities to support the label's artists. This effort lead to the start of his marketing and brand design shop called Redwall Live, which soon became MilesHerndon through a merger with a competitive agency and eventual partner buyout.

Since starting his own firm, he was honored as Forty Under 40 by the Indianapolis Business Journal in 2011, and has co-authored Facebook All In One for Dummies on Wiley Publishing in 2012. He's a regular blogger and national public speaker and has worked with brands across the US and internationally for both large and small campaigns. Daniel is fairly opinionated. Subscribers interested in his mix of brand strategy and a little junk science can read his pithy articles distributed only occasionally via email. Subscribe here to find what you're missing.

Daniel enjoys visiting trendy restaurants with his wife Carrie and pretends to be gluten free. In his spare time he studies philosophy, charcuterie, and other cured meats. He’s a devout bourbon enthusiast but religiously abstains from soda. Follow him on Twitter if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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