Christine Miles

Special guest

Christine Miles is the founder and president of EQUipt, a woman owned business focusing on helping people tap into and improve their EQs (emotional intelligence).

Understanding and using emotional intelligence to facilitate positive change and drive results is the force behind Christine’s story. She believes the ability to influence and communicate to inspire others is the key to success. She learned early in life from her mother’s adversity that everyone has a story. From that, a passion to understand people was born. While her father, an entrepreneur, instilled the love of business in her.

Christine received her Master’s in Psychological Services from the University of Pennsylvania, and early in her career, was a system’s therapist for families and children realizing how helping families become more emotionally intelligent could be applied to business. At 26, she shifted into the corporate Employee Assistance field. Then she parlayed all those experiences into owning her own executive coaching consulting business to Fortune 500 companies helping companies grow sales and revenue, develop people, and create transformative cultures. To help businesses understand and use the power of story as a cutting-edge communication tool, she authored “The Art of The Nudge; Unlocking Your Hidden Potential” in 2015.

Through her professional and personal experiences, she learned that most people were not taught the emotional skills as she was, and simply needed tools to learn HOW to develop their EQ to set them apart. In late 2018, she decided to bring all of her experiences together to form EQuipt, a woman owned business.

Weekly, Christine hosts a business radio show where executive leaders share their personal story of who they were growing up and how that impacts their passion and success today. Executive Leaders Radio is the #1 business radio show in the Mid-Atlantic states and broadcasts nationally on 91 stations.

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